File Processing

Web-based File Upload Utility

Data24-7 offers a file upload utility in our web portal which allows customers to upload large batch files of phone numbers to be processed.

Currently our upload utility only allows text file format, with one phone number per line, and where the phone number is the first field on each line.

The maximum file size which can be uploaded is 20 Megabytes. Please contact us if you need to upload a file bigger than this.

If you have an Excel file which you would like to upload, first edit the file to be sure the phone numbers to be processed are in column 'A', and then use “Save As” option to save the file in “csv” format. This .csv file can then be uploaded via our file upload utility.

To access the file upload utility, log into your account and choose the “File Upload” option from the left-hand menu. Click the “Choose File” button and select the file to be uploaded. Once the file is selected, choose the product (Text@, Carrier24-7, etc), enter your email address twice in the spaces provided, and then press the “Upload” button.

Once started, the file upload utility will upload your file to our servers, process it, create a result file, and send you an email when the file is complete. You can view the result file either by clicking the link provided in the email, or selecting it from the list of recently uploaded files at the bottom of the file upload screen.

The result file will be in .csv format. If you have Excel installed, then double clicking on the file will usually open it in Excel.

Note that when Excel opens the result file the column lengths may be too small to display the data properly. This can be fixed by double-clicking on the column letter.

FTP Server

Our FTP server works similarly to our web-based upload utility, but instead of logging-into our website, you can upload the file to us via secure FTP. When we are finished processing your file, you will receive an email notifiction. Then you may download the result file. Please contact us for further details or to register for an FTP account.

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