File Processing

Web-based File Upload Utility

Data24-7 offers a file upload utility in our web portal which allows customers to upload large batch files of data to be processed.

Uploaded files must be in .txt, .csv or Excel format. Text file data must be comma delimited with one line per record. Below is an example of a text file that might be used for Data247's Phone Append service.


John, Doe, 24 Smith Street, Boston, MA, 02101

Jane, Doe, 527 Main Street, Pittsburg, PA, 15106

Cindy, Green, 12 Center Street, Richmond, VA, 23173

The maximum file size which can be uploaded is 20 Megabytes. Please contact us if you need to upload a file bigger than this.

To access the file upload utility, log into your account and select “File Upload” from the “Transactions” menu. Select the service you would like to use (Text@, Carrier247, etc) and the file type of the file you would like to process from the dropdown menus. Next, enter the email address where you would like to have your result file sent. You may optionally add the maximum number of records you would like to process. Click on the “Continue” button and select the file that you would like to upload. Click “Continue” again and your uploaded file will be displayed in a preview window. Use the dropdowns to select the appropriate field name for each required field. Click the “Upload” button when you are finished.

Once started, the file upload utility will upload your file to our servers, process it, create a result file, and send you an email when the file is complete. You can view the result file either by clicking the link provided in the email, or selecting it from the list of recently uploaded files.

The result file will be in .csv format. If you have Excel installed, then double clicking on the file will usually open it in Excel.

Note that when Excel opens the result file the column lengths may be too small to display the data properly. This can be fixed by double-clicking on the column letter.

*To view a video tutorial of the Data247 File Upload Utility, select “Video Tutorials” from the “Support” menu.

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