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Use Data24-7's Text@ service to retrieve the email-to-SMS, and email-to-MMS gateway addresses for your clients' wireless phones. Simply send us the phone numbers, and our service sends back the following:

  • Whether or not the phone number belongs to a wireless phone
  • The name of the carrier
  • The email address to send a text message to the wireless phone
  • The email address to send a picture text message to the wireless phone
  • Once you obtain the email addresses from our service, you can then send SMS and/or MMS messages to your customers via regular email.


    • File Upload Utility Upload a file of phone numbers to process, and we'll send you back a new file which contains the carrier names and email addresses for each phone number.
    • Manual Transactions You can also enter phone numbers manually through our website.
    • Simple API For integrating our service with your software application, we provide an API which uses standard HTTPS protocol (you can test our service from your Internet Browser). The response data is returned in standard XML format.
    • Number Portability Awareness When your client ports their phone number from one telephone number to another, we know about it almost immediately. We guarantee that our records will be updated within one business day, although they're usually updated within an hour.
    • 99.99% Uptime SLA per Calendar Month We guarantee no more than 4 minutes of downtime per month.
    • Over 99% Hit Rate for USA Phone Numbers This means that we fail to return the complete set of information for less than 1% of valid US phone numbers.
    • Excellent Customer Support Whether by phone or email, we'll give you the attention you need to get our service up and running.

    Supported Countries

    Currently, Text@ is supported for the following countries:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Don't see your country in the list above? Please contact us if you would like to help us add it. We need help testing the email-to-SMS gateway addresses for the different wireless carriers in each country. Our goal is to add as many new countries as possible, as quickly as possible.


    Only $0.006 per Text@ lookup (plus the $12 monthly membership fee). Volume discounts available.

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