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"We find the services you provide extremely beneficial to the efficient operation of our employment staffing firm. It makes reliable communication with both our job applicants & our Client Company Officers much less problematic, more timely, & verifiably more consistent."
- Dwayne Butler, President/Co-owner, Red Carpet Employment Agency, Inc.
"It just works..which is exactly what we were looking for! We've had thousands of phone numbers needing quality validation every day to ensure we were sending our clients SMS messages in the most efficient manner. Leveraging the Data24-7 API set was a breeze and we've seen outstanding, consistent results. We've saved substantial dollars by avoiding sending messages to invalid numbers"
- Jeremy Greene, Director of Product Management, GovDelivery
"We have been using Data24-7 successfully for the last several years. This tool has become a valuable asset to confirm a Cell Phone Carrier for our current client base as well as our new clients. You would be surprised how often customers have no idea who their cell carrier is. Data 24-7 database look-up allows our CSR to cross reference our client.s information efficiently and accurately."
- Kevin Ahern, National Sales Manager, MAP Communications
"At first, like most, it was the price point that opened the door. However it was your commitment to my business needs that made me stay. Naturally I searched other providers, truthfully your product was a replacement of one of the 'Top Dogs' in the business. Not that they had a bad product however product alone doesn't serve well. It is a product with an uncanny pulse on customer service that has set you apart and earned my business. I felt welcomed the moment you displayed that you actually had an interest in wanting my business. Not being a 'Tech' some of the questions I asked certainly made you laugh a little, however you stayed with me, willing to help me accomplish my needs. It has been a long time since I have done business with a company who has great customer service, a great product and yet empathized with my needs. It is nice to see."
- Michael Quarles, YellowLetterMail
"Data 24-7 has saved our company a significant amount of money by providing us with an alternative to expensive SMS gateway and service providers. The carrier look-up has proven to be accurate enough for us to send text messages to clients via the carriers email to sms feature."
- Beau Brewer, DealPickle
"I wanted to use your service so that I could get the SMS email gateways for some text messages I needed to send out. I had considered using one of the services that send out standard SMS messages, but for what we needed it was just too expensive. After looking at what Data 24-7 had to offer - and the fact that they returned the address itself - not just the carrier, I decided that this was the way to go. I had a few questions along the way and received quick, professional responses. I am a very happy customer and would recommend your services to anyone looking for what you provide."
- Erick Pece, Journey Church
"Data24-7 service helps deliver text messaging to our customers consistently with ease. More importantly, Marc always returns my calls and emails when I have questions. Without a doubt, this service fills a much needed niche! Nice job Marc and team!"
- Kenneth P. Yancy, President,
"With the voice and SMS side of our real estate application, it is important that we be able to provide quality names for the phone numbers that are calling and texting into our system. We use the ID24-7 service to look up thousands of names by phone number with an easy-to-use API. Although we use other sources for names as well, we have found ID24-7 to provide some of the best results, including names from wireless numbers."
- Todd Rasche, Director of Product Development, VoicePad
"We use Data24-7 all the time to send a text message along with an automated birthday/party invitation greeting on our site Data24-7 has been immensely helpful to ensure that the family and friends of our customers receive the intended message."
- Andreas Taber, Software Engineer
"Data24-7 provides a valuable product that addressed every one of our needs at a great price. Integration was smooth thanks to their informed and responsive customer service that went above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you"
- Richard Monahan,, LLC