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A service for all your data needs.

Data24-7 offers many different data services to fit many different business needs. All of our services are accessible via batch file upload, manual entry, FTP, or using our state-of-the-art API. Browse our services below:


Data24-7's carrier lookup service is like no other. We return the carrier names for virtually all of your phone numbers; wireless and wireline. Our data is accurate and up-to-date. When a phone number is ported to another carrier, our records are updated almost immediately. Our service works in over 200 countries including the United States. Learn More.


Use Data24-7's Text@ service to retrieve the email-to-SMS, and email-to-MMS gateway addresses for your clients' wireless phones. Simply send us the phone numbers, and our service sends back the following:
  • Whether or not the phone number belongs to a wireless phone
  • The name of the carrier
  • The email address to send a text message to the wireless phone
  • The email address to send a picture text message to the wireless phone
Once you obtain the email addresses from our service, you can send SMS and/or MMS messages to your customers via regular email. Learn More.


Learn more about your customers via their e-mail addresses. Email24-7 can tell you an e-mail address owner's gender, location, age, income, financial status, pets owned, interests, purchase history, home value, and more. Our basic service (which includes address validation, gender*, age, and location) costs $0.002 per lookup.
*Note that in cases where we don't have information about an e-mail address in our records, we will try to infer the gender, if possible, from the text before the @ symbol of the address. Gender is the only piece of data we try to infer in these cases. Learn More.

Reverse Phone Append

Our address lookup / verification service, Reverse Phone Append finds the name and address associated with a phone number. The cost is $0.04 per successful match; we only charge when we are able to return a name and address. USA only. Learn More.


You provide the ip address and we send you the location, quickly and accurately, anywhere in the U.S. or the world. IP24-7 makes it quick and easy to find and validate location information including city, state, country, longitude, latitude and areacode. Learn More.

Phone Append

Need the phone numbers for your contacts? You supply us with their names and addresses, and we'll return their phone numbers. Our phone append service costs $0.04 for each successful match; we only charge you when we are able to return a phone number. USA only. Learn More.

Email Append

Need the email addresses for your contacts? You supply us with their names and addresses or their phone numbers, and we'll return their email addresses. We charge $0.04 per successful match; we only charge you when we are able to return an email address. USA only. Learn More.


Let Data24-7 help your organization stay compliant with USA Federal Do-Not-Call laws. We help you maintain your own internal DNC list and help you avoid calling phone numbers which could cause Federal violations and serious penalites. Learn More.


Get the names behind the numbers with our telephone subscriber name lookup service (CNAM). The EZCNAM API looks up your phone numbers and returns the names of the subscribers. As usual, our prices are rock bottom ($0.003 per phone number) and our accuracy rate is among the best in the business. Learn More.