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Data24-7 Referral Program

Earn free membership by referring friends and colleagues!

The Data24-7 Referral Program allows any current Data24-7 customer to earn a free month of membership for each friend or colleague they refer. Every time someone you refer becomes a Data24-7 customer, you will receive a free month of membership (worth $12) and they will receive five dollars added to their Data24-7 account. It's simple! And you are not required to provide any additional information!

How Does It Work?

Data24-7 Referral Program

1. Everyone who signs up and becomes a paying member of Data24-7 can partcipate in the Data24-7 Referral Program.

2. When your referral signs-up for a free account, they can manually enter your referral code into the "referral code" field of the signup form. The referral code will be YOUR USERNAME (the username you chose during sign up). Your referrals MUST enter your referral code during sign up in order to participate.

3. Once someone has signed up for Data24-7 using your referral code and becomes a paying member, you will automatically receive a free month's membership to Data24-7 ($12 value) and your referral will receive $5 added to their Data24-7 account!

Data24-7 Referral Program Terms:

  • Referrers must try not to target users likely to violate the Data24-7 terms of service for customer accounts.
  • Data24-7 has the sole right to grant/revoke referrer status for any reason.
  • Referrers do not qualify for free membership on their own Data24-7 accounts.
  • Free membership will only be earned if referee has entered the referral code upon signing up with Data24-7 and become a paying member.
  • Any advertising on behalf of Data24-7 and/or it's products must be done in accordance with all laws, and in ways which do not aggravate or annoy our customers or potential customers.
  • Any advertising on behalf of Data24-7 and/or it's products must be factually accurate and may not be misleading.