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You provide the first name, last name, address, city, state and zipcode and we send you a customer's age and gender in addition to many other optional data fields including Homelife Data, Home Data, Vehicle Data, Financial Data and Interest Data.* Click here for a full list of optional data fields.

*Additional cost of 1.2 cents per optional field. Only fields that return results will be charged.

  • ACCESSIBILITY Upload files with user name and address information, manually enter them, or use our simple HTTPS/XML-based API.
  • DATA We provide age and gender in addition to many other optional data fields. Click here for a list of optional data fields.
  • PRICING The lowest pricing in the industry! $12 monthly membership fee. Price per lookup only $0.006 per successful query.
  • FREE TRIAL Sign-up and we'll add $0.15 to your account for testing.
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