GIT24-7 - Greeting Interrupt Tone Lookup Service
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Dat24-7's Greeting Interrupt Tone Lookup service (GIT24-7) allows you to skip the voicemail greetings when leaving messages on wireless phones, reducing your time and your phone bills. Pressing the correct touch-tone key during the greeting will cause the voicemail system to skip directly to the recording of the message, but different carriers use different keys. Press the wrong key, and you're stuck in a voicemail sub-menu, unable to leave a message at all. Our GIT24-7 service will automatically look-up the carrier and supply you with the correct keys to press.

  • COVERAGE Our service works with most wireless phone carriers in the USA. It's built on top of our robust Carrier24-7 service, which can accurately identify the carrier for virtually all USA phone numbers; including ones ported from one carrier to another.
  • ACCESSIBILITY Upload files of phone numbers, manually enter them, or use our simple HTTPS/XML-based API.
  • PRICING Only $0.006 per GIT24-7 lookup (plus the $12 monthly membership fee).
  • FREE TRIAL Sign-up and we'll add $0.15 to your account for testing.