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The Data24-7 Do-Not-Call service helps organizations stay compliant with USA Federal Do-Not-Call laws. Our service allows you to check phone numbers against both the Federal list and your company's own internal list. You can enter phone numbers one-by-one via our web interface, upload spreadsheets and text files of phone numbers to us to be automatically processed, or use our simple API to integrate our Do-Not-Call services into your existing software applications. Whichever method you choose, our Do-Not-Call service will keep you protected against Federal violations and expensive penalties.

  • ACCURACYOur Do-Not-Call data is updated nightly from the USA Federal Government
  • EASE OF USE Upload files of phone numbers, or use our simple API
  • INTERNAL DNC Let us track your organization's internal Do-Not-Call list as well.
  • PRICING Only $0.002 (1/5 penny) per phone number.
  • FREE TRIAL Sign-up and we'll add $0.15 to your account for testing.

Supported Countries

Data24-7's Do-Not-Call service currenty works for the USA


Only $0.002 per Do-Not-Call lookup (plus the $12 monthly membership fee). Volume discounts available.

Do-Not-Call - Data24-7's Telemarketing Compliance Service  
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