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Access to data is all about who you know.
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Access to data is all about who you know.

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Data24-7 delivers real-time data such as phone carrier lookups, email-to-SMS gateway solutions, caller name (cnam) services, and more. Our customers span many different industries including financial, gaming, marketing, medical, sales, telecom, and more.

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Access to data is all about who you know.
Data24-7 was born out of decades of experience in the telecom and IT fields. Our relationships allow us to provide you with data from its original sources; thus ensuring better accuracy and pricing than our competition.

Text@, send text messages via e-mail

Send text messages via e-mail. Built on top of our robust carrier lookup service, Text@ looks-up wireless phone numbers and provides you with the correct email-to-SMS and email-to-MMS gateway addresses to send text and MMS messages to the associated phones. $0.005 per lookup.

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ID24-7 often known as CNAM or reverse phone lookup

Get the names behind the numbers. Often known as CNAM or reverse phone lookup, our ID24-7 service looks-up your phone numbers and returns the names of the subscribers. As usual, our prices are rock bottom ($0.004 per phone number) and our accuracy rate is among the best in the business.

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Data24-7 is a subsidiary of Kasteris Corporation.